You may have noticed that site has changed a teeny tiny bit: IT NOW CONTAINS MY MOST PRIVATE WRITINGS.

Sometimes I write things and I think that the things I write are entertaining, so now I’ve got a page to put the things I write.

On the top of the list 100 WORDS, which soon after coming up with entirely by myself I discover that other people do it to. BUT BASICALLY its where I write short stories or descriptions, so short in fact that they are only 100 words! Trust me! Don’t count them!

Second up we have COLD HARD STREETS, a hard-hitting cop drama featuring the hard boiled hero in his most daring adventure yet. I wrote this for school coursework, and then improved it for posting online a few months later and then forgot to post it for another few months.

And thirdly, but not finally, unless something horrible happens, A JOB WELL DONE. An adventure in not using dialogue and employing strange naming conventions in a stylized manner. Probably influenced by my recent playing of Fallen London.

Read them, or forever have the feeling of a page unread haunt you forever.