This is the page where I put the things I’ve wrote:


100 Words.

100 Words is a thing where I write short “things” [~100 words in length] because I can. Hopefully they are entertaining.


Cold Hard Streets

Cold Hard Streets is a piece I wrote for my English Language coursework, I improved it a bit before posting it here so there ya go. (posted: 14/11/12)


A Job Well Done (If You Ask Me)

A Job Well Done is me trying not to use dialogue, because I rely on that a lot it seems. I think it was somewhat successful, though the story is a bit off, I think, and there isn’t much of a climax.  (16/11/12)


Hard Reset [Review]

I reviewed Hard Reset a long while ago, which is why the writing is a bit awkward, but I think it’s worth putting here as this is the page where I put the things I wrote. (2011)



A desperate attempt to save civilizations from the dangerous effects of Space Cola. (20/05/13)



Henry Smith loses his job. Very short. (11/06/13)


Time Travel

Humorous concept of why time travel assassination doesn’t work. (10/09/13)


Days Over

I wrote a short story about a couple who wake up and there is a constant rumbling sound. (20/09/13)